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Range Hoods


Range Hoods & Vent-A-Hood Services for Homes & Commercial Kitchens

If you are working in a commercial or residential kitchen, you need proper ventilation to prevent smoke and fumes from remaining in the room. A+ Fabrication will install the perfect kitchen range or commercial vent hood for your needs. We will help you find the right style for your kitchen that also functions the way it should.


There are several options of hoods for both style and ducting for your range hood including:


  • Wall-Mount Hoods

  • Shelf Hoods

  • Island Hoods

One option is to have the duct hood directly outside, which would allow fumes to travel out of the kitchen and building more efficiently. If your kitchen is not against an exterior wall, there is also the option to have duct-work installed, connecting the hood to the outside. At A+ fabrication, our Vent-A-Hood service experts will help determine which hood is necessary by talking a look at which hood canopy, blower system and ducting would fit your needs the best.

At A+ Fabrication we believe that your kitchen should be beautiful as well as functional. That is why we can build you a customized kitchen from the ground up. Our kitchen services include commercial vent hoods, hood ranges, counter-tops, sinks, shelving units and more! Please call us today when you are ready to get started on your kitchen project!



Range Hoods Benefits

A hood range consists of a large blower that removes unwanted pollutants from the air. With the hood range located directly over the stove, these pollutants do not have a chance to spread to the rest of the kitchen. This will keep the heat down by sucking the steam right out of the air, making easier to operate in a busy kitchen. Not only do range hoods pull smoke out of your kitchen, they also pull grease and steam out of the air as well, keeping the bacteria to a minimum.

If you are ready to install a new hood range in your commercial or home kitchen, call us today for quality Vent-A-Hood services!


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